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Dog Sledding is available in Wisconsin

Top of the Hills Huskies consists of Diane and Amelia Gagliano, Ellyn Reese, and around 40 racing Siberian huskies shared between two kennels in Phelps, Wisconsin.

1. The Mushing Experience

​Our winter experience includes two hours of dog fun. Meet and greet our Siberian husky athletes. Get to know your team and help them get ready for your adventure together. Then prepare for an exhilarating ride through our beautiful wooded trails. You’ll also have the opportunity to drive your own small team and be the musher!

Our fall experience includes and hour and a half of dog fun. Meet and greet our Siberian husky athletes. Get to know your team and help them get ready for a fall training session. Experience the hyped-up energy as we hook up a team and take a ride on one of our wheeled vehicles. Then, weather depending, prepare for an fun walk, jog, or wheeled trek on our beautiful wooded trails.

2. Stay Comfortable 

Our mushing experience is right in our backyard, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to warm up and stay dry in our home. We have restrooms and a heated seating area available to all of our guests. Snacks, hot chocolate, campfire s’mores, and even baked pasties will also be available for a small donation.

In these uncertain times, we want all of our guests and the team at Top of the Hill Huskies to stay safe. We require masks indoors and recommend face coverings at all times. Our warming area and restroom will be sanitized after each gathering, and we will be limiting our groups to 6 (with some prearranged exceptions).

3. Small Groups & Events 

Birthday parties, church groups, weddings, and other group events welcome! For information on groups, please call or text ​715-891-2704 or email for more details.

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